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We will help you to choose the publication to place your materials with optimal characteristics for the target audience.

We will help you to analyze the possibilities of this publication and maximize their use: to choose the right placement context, the time of release of the journal, to determine the pages of placement.

We will help you to develop a high quality, informative advertising model, which corresponds to the selected publications and your advertised products.

Our editors, reviewers and designers will emphasize the style of your materials.

We conduct an active subscription to the print and electronic versions of the journals and successfully implement the circulation on important medical events in Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia.

We publish the advertisements corresponding to the legislation on advertising of the country, from which it was submitted.

We remind the following: information messages, press releases and post-releases that mention the trade names of drugs are advertising materials.

The price of placement of advertising materials is determined by the current price list. One can clarify the price and coordinate the placement positions by contacting the staff of advertising department by e-mail and phone.

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