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Scientific status of publications

The publishing house specializes in publishing medical literature and periodicals. In the production portfolio of the publishing house, there are more than 100 books, monographs, recommendations, and 15 international peer-reviewed journals.

Publishing private unitary enterprise “Professional Publications”

Publishing house “Professional Publications” works in the information markets of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and other countries from 2001, identifying the purpose of the activity of organization as a single information space for exchange of experience and effective communication of health professionals in the countries of Eastern Europe and Asia, as well as for promotion of the harmonization and development of medical schools.

The company has fifteen editorial offices (according to the number of the published journals), the subscription department, the advertising and marketing service, as well as the publishing department that publishes books on medical topics. The information provided on the websites of journals and in the "Books" section will allow you to form the most complete picture of the publishing house “Professional Publications”.

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