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Scientific status of publications

The publishing house specializes in publishing medical literature and periodicals. In the production portfolio of the publishing house, there are more than 100 books, monographs, recommendations, and 15 international peer-reviewed journals.

Publishing private unitary enterprise “Professional Publications”

For more than 20 years “Professional Editions” have been working on organizing a single information space for Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. We strive to develop medical schools, as well as create conditions for effective communication and exchange of experience between physicians from Eastern Europe and Asia.

Our company publishes fifteen medical journals, each of the intended for this area:


  • Hematology Transfusiology. Medical journal dedicated to the formation of diseases and pathologies of the blood, as well as their diagnosis and treatment.
  • Dermatovenereology Cosmetology. Scientific and practical journal that publishes research on new technologies in cosmetology and diagnosis and treatment of dermatovenerological diseases.
  • Oncological journal. Scientific medical journal covering topical issues in the field of oncological diseases.
  • Cardiology in Belarus. A publication dedicated to diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system, as well as methods of surgical and drug treatment.
  • Clinical infectious diseases and parasitology. The journal, which contains scientific articles and reviews of infectious diseases, methods of their diagnosis and treatment.
  • Laboratory diagnostics. Scientific and practical journal that publishes materials on biochemistry and forensic medicine, as well as algorithms for laboratory research.
  • Neurology and neurosurgery. Medical journal covering new world and domestic technologies in the field of neurology.
  • Otorhinolaryngology. A publication dedicated to methods of diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the ear, throat or nose.
  • Ophthalmology. Scientific and practical publication that publishes scientific articles on the treatment of ophthalmic diseases.
  • Pediatrics. Medical journal covering current problems in the treatment of various diseases in children.
  • Psychiatry, psychotherapy and clinical psychology. A journal whose main purpose is research in the field of psychiatry and related sciences.
  • Reproductive health. Medical publication dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the field of gynecology and related diseases.
  • Dentistry aesthetics innovation. A scientific journal covering new world and domestic technologies in the field of dentistry.
  • Surgery. A publication dedicated to research in the field of surgery, instrumentation, as well as an overview of new technologies.
  • Recipe. Scientific and practical medical journal that publishes information on qualities and articles on their effectiveness and safety.


In addition to scientific journals, “Professional Editions” are engaged in the publication of books about medicine, both in print and electronic editions, which can be viewed in the relevant sections in the catalog. Some of the electronic medical publications you can download free of charge.

All our publications have a scientific status, confirmed by world organizations in the field of health. Therefore, they are already in demand among doctors in various fields.

We want to further develop the concept of a single information space, therefore we are always open to communication and cooperation.

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